CAR T-Cells


Cancer Immunotherapy

The single chain fragment variable (scFv) from our anti-MUC1* antibody is the targeting head for anti-MUC1* CARs (chimeric antigen receptor) for T cell immunotherapy.   We have also developed proprietary CAR constructs with clean IP.   Together this gives us complete CAR T therapeutics.

Our CAR T therapeutics will attack solid tumors that are MUC1* positive.  This represents approximately 80% of all cancers, including 96-98% of breast cancers and very high percentages of patients with ovarian and pancreatic cancers and melanomas.

No other CAR T company has a cancer specific target for solid tumor – their successes have been limited to blood cancers.

Minerva is aiming to be in clinical trials in 2017 with an initial focus on patients with advanced breast and ovarian cancers.