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AlphaSTEM™ Culture System

The AlphaSTEM™ Culture System uses a newly discovered, naturally occurring growth factor that is expressed in the earliest days of embryogenesis to fully support the naïve state in human stem cells.  Naïve stem cells have several advantages over current stem cells, called ‘primed’ state cells, which are important for the future of stem cell research and regenerative medicine. Naïve stem cells do not yet have DNA methylation marks that commit the cells to certain developmental decisions. Additionally, naïve stem cells have a much higher cloning efficiency than primed state cells.

System Benefits

  • One single naturally occurring growth factor
  • Enzymatically passage as single cells
  • No clonal restriction; every iPS clone able to form
    cardiomyocytes, hepatocytes, neural progenitors
  • Superior differentiation with improved yield,
    cell quality, and functionality
  • Feeder-free iPSC generation that is simpler and orders of
    magnitude more efficient than in FGF media
  • Expansion that is faster, scalable and can be completely
    automated since it eliminates spontaneous differentiation
  • Karyotype stable > 70 passages

The AlphaSTEM™ Culture System is a superior alternative to FGF-based stem cell culture


  • Bottles - Test

    AlphaSTEM® Naïve hPSC Medium

    Stem Cell Culture Medium |  500ml  add to cart
  • Plates

    AlphaSTEM® Culture Substrate

    Cell Culture Surface Coating | 360ul  add to cart
  • IMG

    AlphaSTEM® Differentiation Inducer

    Synthetic peptide | 3 x 12ul  add to cart
  • hiPSC

    AlphaSTEM® Naïve iPSC Line, Female

    Naive Stem Cell Line | 1M add to cart
  • hiPSC

    AlphaSTEM® Naïve iPSC Line, Male

    Naive Stem Cell Line | 1M add to cart

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