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May 15, 2013
Minerva Biotechnologies is looking for a highly motivated and experienced Business Development execu
Mar 07, 2013
Waltham, MA. Minerva Biotechnologies, a leading cancer and stem cell development company today anno
ISSCR "International Society for Stem Cell Research" Yokohama, Japan
Jun 13, 2012
Come see us at Booth 123!! Don't be lead down the wrong pathway when you are growing stem cells! Unl
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Investor Contact:

Ron Axelrod
Office: 781-487-0200 X102
Cell: 617-785-9491
Email: raxelrod@minervabio.com
Minerva Biotechnologies Corp.
40 Bear Hill Rd. Waltham, MA 02451

Burns and Levinson,
attn: Norm Smith

Normand Smith Esq.


Minerva Management and Advisors

Corporate Officers


Dr. Cynthia Bamdad Normand F Smith Kenneth Reed, M.D., P.C.
Robert Staszewski, M.D., FACP Kenneth S. Kosik, M.D.
Joe Nathan Jim Bridges


Scientific Advisory Board


Robert Weinberg, Ph.D. Kenneth S. Kosik, M.D. Gilbert Omenn, M.D., Ph.D.
Larry DeLucas, O.D., Ph.D. Winfield Hill Peter T. Lansbury Jr., Ph.D.

Operations, Finance, and Corporate Advisors

Corporate Advisors

Dr. Cynthia Bamdad (President, Treasurer, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board of Directors). Dr. Bamdad was a pioneer in the field of biochips. She holds a B.S. in Physics and a Ph.D. in Biophysics from Harvard. While a Ph.D. student at Harvard, Dr. Bamdad invented the first electronic DNA chip and the first universal protein chip. Intellectual property surrounding these inventions and extensions thereof, also developed by Bamdad, formed the cornerstone of a California startup company, which was sold within two years to Motorola for $300 million. Dr. Bamdad is the sole or co inventor inventor of over 100 patent applications in the US and foreign for novel technologies, therapeutics and diagnostics. Dr. Bamdad is a recognized leader in the field of nanotechnology, having invented the first method to form biochip surfaces on nanoparticles and methods to use those particles in biomedical testing and drug discovery. Dr. Bamdad has been the Principal Investigator on grants and contracts from the National Cancer Institute, National Institute for Mental Health, National Science Foundation, The Huntington Foundation, National Institute of General Medicine, the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and the Advanced Technology Program (ATP). Dr. Bamdad has served on special committees to advise research arms of the military on the technical challenges of detecting biological warfare agents (BWA). Dr. Bamdad has also given numerous invited talks to U.S. and foreign institutions on the topics of cancer research, neurodegenerative diseases, proteomics and biological warfare threat and detection.


Normand F. Smith (Secretary & Director). Normand Smith is a partner at Burns and Levinson, Boston, Massachusetts. Prior to joining Burns & Levinson in January 2006, Mr. Smith was a Partner at the firm Perkins Smith & Cohen LLP. Mr. Smith received his J.D. and LL.M, from Boston University Law School and did his undergraduate work at Hamilton College. Mr. Smith has been admitted by the Bar in Massachusetts, New York, U.S. Tax Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals. In his law practice, Mr. Smith has served as counsel to individual entrepreneurs and scientists in the areas of personal tax planning and the formation and management of businesses, primarily in the high tech and biotech areas. He also served as general counsel to businesses, primarily in the high tech and biotech areas and to not for profit institutions workings in the United States and internationally. Additionally, Mr. Smith has served as counsel to individuals accused of scientific misconduct, including representation before university tribunals, Health and Human Services, the National Institute of Health and the United States Congress. In 2006, Normand Smith was selected as Massachusetts Super Lawyer. The selection of attorneys is based on a poll and internal research done by Law & Politics Magazine and reviewed by an independent blue ribbon panel of their peers. Listed attorneys and finalists consist of the top 5% of attorneys in Massachusetts. The listing appeared in the November issue of Boston Magazine and in New England Super Lawyers Magazine. Mr. Smith is a member of the Boston Bar Association, Massachusetts Bar Association, New York Bar Association, Board Member (gubernatorial appointee) of the Industrial Services Program, a quasi public state agency committed to helping small and medium sized businesses become active players in world markets while keeping jobs and revenues in Massachusetts, Board Member and former Chair of the Pathfinder International, a not for profit organization directing in excess of $50 million of private and United States government funds to family planning projects in thirty (30) developing countries, former Chair of the Boston Zoological Society and The Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities. Mr. Smith also currently serves on boards of various other for profit organizations.


Kenneth Reed, M.D., P.C. (Director). Dr. Reed received his M.D. from the College of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and completed a residency in Dermatology at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA. Dr. Reed is a Board Certified Dermatologist, Diplomat of the National Board of Medical Examiners, Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and a member of the New England Dermatology Society, American Society for Dermatological Surgery, American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery and American College of Phlebology. Among his awards are the American Medical Association Physician Recognition Award, the New Jersey Medical College Alumni Award, and the William F. Grupe, Inc. Foundation Award. Dr. Reed has been a Clinical Investigator for Genentech Corporation, Amgen Corporation and Astellas. Dr. Reed has published in numerous peer reviewed journals.


Robert Staszewski, M.D., FACP (Director). Dr. Staszewski received his M.D. from Yale University and completed residencies in Internal Medicine at the Beth Israel Hospital and in Dermatology at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA, where he was a Chief Resident. Dr. Staszewski is a Board Certified Dermatologist, and completed a Clinical and Research Fellowship in Dermatology at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians, a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine, Diplomate of the American Board of Dermatology, and Diplomate of the National Board of Medical Examiners. Among his awards are election to the Tau Beta Pi Honor Society, the Award for Outstanding Achievement as an Undergraduate, Columbia University, a Howard Hughes Doctoral Fellowship in Physics at Harvard University, a New York State Regents Medical Scholarship, and a National Research Service Award. Dr. Staszewski has staff privileges at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA. Dr. Staszewski has published in numerous peer reviewed journals.


Kenneth S. Kosik, M.D. (Member of the Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Board). Dr. Kosik is a Professor at and Director of the Neuroscience Research Institute at the University of California at Santa Barbara and former Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Kosik is a world renowned expert in the research and treatment of Alzheimers disease. A NOVA special featured Dr. Kosik and work researching genetic predisposition to Alzheimers disease. Dr. Kosik’s work is currently focused on micro RNAs and their role in the regulation of cancer and stem cell growth.


Joe Nathan (Director).  Mr. Nathan worked for 23 years at Compuware Corporation (“Compuware”), where he served as President and Chief Operating Officer from 1994 until his retirement in 2003. While President of Compuware, he developed and executed a business strategy that grew the corporation’s annual revenue from $200 million to more than $2 billion dollars. Prior to becoming President of Compuware, Mr. Nathan served as executive in charge of the Professional Services Division and the Software Products Division. In addition, he has worked in key information technology positions at organizations such as KPMG, Manufacturer’s National Bank, and National Bank of Detroit. After retiring in 2003, Mr. Nathan served as a consultant for the State of Michigan developing a long-term business strategy for the Michigan Broadband Development Authority.

Today, Mr. Nathan is an active investor and management consultant for several electronics, software and service technology startup organizations. He is an active member on the Board of Directors of American Community Mutual Insurance and Oakwood Enterprises, a subsidiary of Oakwood Health Care System.  Mr. Nathan is a Principal with Arthur Zaske & Associates, and he is General Partner of Insight 2811 Technology Entrepreneurial Fund.

Mr. Nathan received a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Business Administration degrees from the University of Detroit.


Jim Bridges (Director). Mr. Bridges worked with IBM Corp for 15 years where his primary responsibilities were in managing large main-frame maintenance – both hardware and software.  He resigned in 1982 to take a position with Compute Languages Research as Exec. VP of Corporate Services where he was responsible for human resources, finance and accounting, and management information systems.  He was chief executive officer of Key Airlines (a small air carrier in Las Vegas, Nevada).  Mr. Bridges was responsible for a $100 MM plus US Air Force contract to move personnel from Nellis AFB to Tonapah, Nevada.  The company retained that contract for a number of years.  After Key Airlines was sold, Mr. Bridges became President of World Airlines which moves both personnel and freight for the US Army and the US Air Force.  World Airways was a charter member of the CRAF program and Mr. Bridges was instrumental in designing a way for the Air Force to get access to moving belly freight via regularly scheduled commercial passenger aircraft.  World Airways took the first load of the 82nd Airborne division to Saudi Arabia for the first Gulf War and continued to support all military efforts there until the war ended.  Mr. Bridges then went to work for Miller Investments (via his consulting business) as a financing consultant and has remained there since as a partner.  He is Chairman and CEO of Applied Ultrasonics and serves on a number of boards of directors.  Mr. Bridges holds a BS degree in Economics from Troy State University and an MS in Management from Stanford University.



Scientific Advisory Board

Robert Weinberg, Ph.D., is a Founder of the Whitehead Institute and Professor of Biology at MIT. Dr. Weinberg is world renown for his expertise and vision in the basic understanding of the mechanisms that underlie cancers. Weinberg discovered the first oncogene, Ras, and the first tumor suppressor, P53. Professor Weinberg is the head of a new MIT based Ludwig Center for Molecular Oncology, overseeing a $20 million dollar fund focused on understanding the biology cancer metastasis.

Kenneth S. Kosik, M.D., is a Professor at and Director of the Neuroscience Research Institute at the University of California at Santa Barbara and former Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Kosik is a world renowned expert in the research and treatment of Alzheimers disease. A NOVA special featured Dr. Kosik and work researching genetic predisposition to Alzheimers disease. Dr. Kosik’s work is currently focused on micro RNAs and their role in the regulation of cancer and stem cell growth.

Gilbert Omenn, M.D., Ph.D., is Professor of Internal Medicine, Human Genetics, and Public Health at the University of Michigan. Dr. Omenn served as Associate Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy, and Associate Director, Office of Management and Budget, in the Executive Office of the President in the Carter Administration. Dr. Omenn has been a director of Amgen Inc. since 1987.

Larry DeLucas, O.D., Ph.D., is Director of the Center for Biophysical Sciences and Engineering at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, Director, Comprehensive Cancer Center Core Facility, Co-Chair, Spacehab Science Advisory Board and was Payload Specialist on the Columbia Space Shuttle mission STS-50. Dr. DeLucas’ current research involves the development of novel technologies to support the study of proteins for drug discovery, especially in the area of prostate cancer.

Winfield Hill, Director of Electronic Engineering at the Rowland Institute for Science (now part of Harvard University), is co author of the classic electrical engineering text, The Art of Electronics. Win Hill has developed hundreds of novel electronic instruments including instrumentation that detected and measured a Bose Einstein condensation.

Peter T. Lansbury Jr., Ph.D., is Professor of Neurology in the Center for Neurological Disease, Harvard Medical School and is a world renowned expert in the molecular basis of neurodegenerative diseases. Professor Lansbury has received many honors and awards for elucidating the chemical basis of Alzheimers and Parkinsons diseases, and developing in vitro systems that mimic the diseases.



Ronald Axelrod (Operations Manager). Mr. Axelrod received a degree in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University, Mr. Axelrod joined the Jet Engine Division of GE, where he worked for ten years designing components for jet engines and steam turbines. Mr. Axelrod left GE to start a business brokering network and communications equipment. In the days before eBay, there was great opportunity to buy and sell large quantities of used computer equipment throughout the US, warehousing the products, then brokering deals with large resellers worldwide. Mr. Axelrod visited over 100 countries including having driven a Land Rover from London down west Africa to Gabon, as well as having traveled down the Sepic River in Papua New Guinea aboard a catamaran with Jaques Cousteau's crew. Mr. Axelrod visited the apes in Uganda and the Congo and spent a year and a half traveling east Africa and its islands. Approximately six years ago, Mr. Axelrod was diagnosed with an aggressive, life threatening form of MS. His research into the disease led to an extreme interest in biomedical research, particularly stem cell research, which has the potential of curing MS as well as many other currently incurable conditions. Mr. Axelrod is convinced that Minerva's technology holds the key to unraveling the mysteries of stem and cancer cell growth, which the Company discovered were mediated by the same molecule. Mr. Axelrod became an investor in Minerva and began working pro bono on behalf of the Company. In 2006, Mr. Axelrod formally joined Minerva as Operations Manager, which includes investor relations, negotiating leases, purchasing equipment and reagents as well as maintaining all necessary operational licenses.

Corporate Advisors

Bank:  Bank of America Waltham, Massachusetts

Attorneys Corporate:  Normand Smith, Burns and Levinson, Boston, Massachusetts.

Intellectual Property
:  Joseph Kim, JHK Law, La Canada California

Accountant:  Jeff O'Connor, CPA, liaison to KPMG, Boston, Massachusetts

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